The Harvest Wheatsheaf Loaf and Corn Mother


Workshop Overview

Come and join us to make a spectacular harvest wheatsheaf loaf using wheat grown here on our farm and a corn mother to accompany it using straw that we have harvested earlier this year.

The workshop has been scheduled to be close to the Harvest Moon. Historically, at the end of the harvest, once all the crops were gathered, farmers celebrated their successful crops with the harvest festivals. Harvest festivals were timed to coincide with the Harvest Moon. In 2024, this will be 17th September.

Corn Mothers were made from the last stork of wheat taken from the field. It was believed that the spirit of corn lived in the crop and once the crop was gathered, the spirit would be homeless. So these Corn Mother spent the winter in the farmers’ homes and were then ploughed back into the first furrow of the season when the new crop was planted.



Time Activity
10:00 Registration, Tea and homemade shortbread or Welsh cakes on arrival.

Preparing bread for the harvest wheatsheaf and Select and prepare appropriate straw to make the Corn Mother

11:30 Morning break with homemade cake of the day.
11:45 Style and shape your harvest wheatsheaf loaf
13:00  Lunch
13:45 Finish and bake your harvest wheatsheaf loaf
15:30 Afternoon break with more homemade cake.
15:45 Make your Corn mother
17:00 Workshop finishes with celebratory group photograph.


What You Will Learn

Gill Jones Basket Slide

You will learn:

  • To work safely in a kitchen environment;
  • How to prepare dough, make the base of the harvest wheatsheaf loaf and create stylised features;
  • To handle the tools and equipment for straw work safely and correctly;
  • How to make a Corn mother using straw work techniques;
  • Discuss the care of your Corn Mother and the longevity of your Harvest Wheatsheaf.

What You Will Take Home

At the end of the workshop, you will take home your completed Harvest Wheatsheaf and your hand crafted Corn Mother in readiness for the Harvest Moon.

Important Details

The Rural Skills Centre will provide:

  • All materials and equipment to make your harvest wheatsheaf loaf and your corn mother;
  • Tea, coffee and lots of homemade cake;
  • A light lunch (please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements;
  • Parking; and
  • Accessible facilities.


Suitable for Beginners Icon

The Harvest Wheatsheaf and Harvest Mother Workshop is suitable for complete beginners as well as those wishing to develop their skills in breadmaking and straw work techniques.


This workshop is taught by Gill from Rural Skills Centre