Beginners Guide to transforming raw fleece into finished yarn


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Workshop Overview

Ever wanted to spin your own yarn and/or use a spinning wheel? In this workshop, Gina will explain and demonstrate, step by step, how to transform raw fleece to finished yarn that you can knit with. You will be impressed with your own creativity and the unique yarn you spin.

Fleece to Yarn


Fleece to Yarn
Time Activity
10:00 Tea and biscuits on arrival, registration and welcome
10:15 Discussion on health and safety
10:30 Introduction to basic tools and equipment
10:45 Carding by hand
11:15 Tea and cake
11:30 Carding using a drum carder
12:00 Introduction to spinning on a drop spindle
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Introduction to spinning on a spinning wheel
15:15 Tea and cake
15:30 Finishing your skein
16:00 Workshop Finishes
Fleece to Yarn

What You Will Learn

Fleece to Yarn Slide 4

During this workshop, you will:

  • Examine the essential equipment used for spinning fleece to yarn;
  • Follow health and safety procedures when using spinning equipment;
  • Discuss techniques and procedures for washing and preparing fleece;
  • Card fleece using hand carders;
  • Card fleece using a drum carder;
  • Discuss methods of creating a drop spindle;
  • Spin carded wool fibres  on a drop spindle; and
  • Spin your carded fleece on a spinning wheel.

What You Will Take Home

Fleece to Yarn
Fleece to Yarn
Fleece to Yarn
Fleece to Yarn
  • Fleece to Yarn
  • Fleece to Yarn
  • Fleece to Yarn

Learners will take home a mini-skein of plied yarn, an information sheet, along with ideas of how to use your hand spun yarn. Everything you need to continue learning and practicing at home. 

Important Details

The Rural Skills Centre will provide:

  • All materials and equipment for the workshop so that you get the full experience of spinning yarn from fleece;
  • Tea/Coffee and lots of cake;
  • Lunch (let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements);
  • Parking; and
  • Accessible facilities.
  • Fleece to Yarn
  • Fleece to Yarn
  • Fleece to Yarn


Suitable for Beginners Icon

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those who have maybe dabbled in spinning (drop spindling or on a wheel), but never really got the hang of it.


This workshop is taught by Imants from Immy’s Woodcraft.

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