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About Immy

Imants is keen to share his skills for working with wood. Having spent his career delivering major civil engineering works across the UK and latterly in south Wales, Imants welcomed the opportunity to take early retirement as this enabled him to pursue his passion for working with wood. Imants has learned his craft by attending professional courses and by practising and honing his skills in his workshop. He enjoys working with the character and distinctive grain found in some seasoned and aged woods. For example, special woods like the Penderyn barrel staves that he has worked with to create unique pieces that have a strong Welsh heritage. Imants can be found at craft markets across south Wales and has delivered workshops in a range of contexts including schools and universities.
Imants is inspired by challenge and his passion for multi-material projects that has led him to work with glass artists and silversmiths to create innovative and unique pieces. He has undertaken a range of high profile commissions for very special and commemorative pieces. His current pieces include yarn bowls, some with spalted wood, others made to retain the tree bark to add a rustic and natural external look.


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